Cyberpunk 2077 Manages To Sell 13 Million Copies Despite Launch Issues

Cyberpunk 2077

If you’ve been keeping an eye on gaming news lately, you’ve probably seen just how bad things have gotten with CD Projekt Red’s long-anticipated role-playing title Cyberpunk 2077. Hell, before the game even released, the company began receiving some fairly intense backlash for what many still feel is questionable trans representation, but that was just the beginning.

Indeed, after nearly a decade in development and countless delays, Cyberpunk 2077 finally dropped earlier this month and wasted no time becoming gaming’s most controversial release in a long while. Unethical embargo restrictions certainly set CD Projekt Red up for much deserved frustration from fans, with the developer choosing to have reviewers only cover the PC version prior to the game’s launch, and little did anyone know, this was to keep folks from seeing just how poorly the title ran on PS4 and Xbox One.

Once players caught wind of the mostly high review scores for Cyberpunk 2077, they felt comfortable grabbing it on their consoles only to find that it’s a hideous, outrageously buggy and often entirely unplayable mess. This has prompted Sony to pull the game from their digital storefront altogether and offer refunds to any unsatisfied customers, and it’s potentially ruined CD Projekt Red’s reputation for good.

Despite all of this, the developer has disclosed to investors that the title has sold a whopping 13 million copies already. This isn’t completely unexpected, of course, considering that it received a hell of a lot of pre-orders leading up to its December 10th release. But it’s worth noting that it’s unclear just how many returns are included in the reporting of sales totals – and there’s been no shortage of those.

It’s yet to be seen how heavily the launch issues will plague Cyberpunk 2077 throughout its lifespan, but CD Projekt Red has promised ongoing support for the game by way of substantial patches aimed at fixing the many glitches and improving performance on consoles. By the sounds of it, though, they’re going to have their hands full.