New Dance Central 3 Story Trailer Released

The Dance Central 3 hype train continues. Not too long after a recent dev diary detailing the upcoming Kinect dance game’s more robust Story mode, a cinematic new trailer has been released further showcasing the game’s wacky plot. In the game, returning antagonist Dr. Tan has built an army to commit ‘dance crimes’, and DCI – Dance Central Intelligence – is on the move to stop him by sending out various dancers to different decades via a time machine.

This latest trailer reveals some new details, including the fact that Tan mounts an attack and simultaneous hack on DCI at some point. Eagle-eyed fans of the series may also notice in both the trailer and the above screenshot that one of Tan’s soldiers appears to be none other than Oblio, one of the playable dancers from the original game who didn’t return for Dance Central 2. Perhaps he’ll be playable again here?

Dance Central 3 is currently scheduled for an October 16 release date in North America. We’ll continue to keep you updated as more promotional material is released.