The Darkness 2 Will Have 4 Player Co-Op

2K Games has announced that The Darkness 2 will have a 4 player co-op mode known as Vendettas. Yes, that’s right, four player co-op. The game is already set to include a quad wielding feature so does this mean we’ll have the chance to engage in some hexadeca-wielding? Yes, yes it does!

Being billed as a is a “team-focused, mission based experience with new environments and new story elements that takes place parallel to the single-player story,” the mode will allow players to step into the shoes of several other characters in the game, you won’t be stuck in the body of Jackie Estacado.

Look forward to playing as:

Inugami: a dark and mentally unstable character with revenge-driven motives.

Shoshanna: an Israeli Intelligence agent with a gun that fires multiple rounds of gunfire at one time.

Jimmy Wilson: an alcoholic Scotsman who hates the English and summons Darklings with his Dark Axe.

J.P. DuMond: a New Orleans-based practitioner of voodoo medicine.

Sounds fun eh? Check out the video below and let us know if you’re looking forward to some hexadeca-wielding action in The Darkness 2.