Darksiders II May See A Patch Adding Missing Features From PC Version

When I fired up Darksiders II on my PC, I was one of the many to be shocked at the lack of graphics options left to me. I don’t want to make it sound like graphic settings are the most important thing when it comes to a PC title, but it’s one of those things that I’ve come to expect. Paired with some menus that can only be described as “bad” and a few irritating issues, this was really starting to seem like a shoddy port.

Now while most companies would simply shrug their shoulders, Vigil has come out to apologize and state that they’re trying to fix the issue. “Trying” is the key word, because even though Vigil Games is trying to right this wrong, they’re not really sure what’s possible this late in the game.

Community manager Matthew Everett talked a bit about the issue on the official Darksiders II message board:

During the Community Summit both Jay Fitzloff and I were under the impression that full .config files and final keyboard/mouse and controller hookups were going to work as promised when the PC version of the game launched. That was the plan at the time from a specifications perspective. Unfortunately, especially at the end of the development cycle, sometimes things change at the last minute, and this was one of them. This puts us in an uncomfortable spot as we were acting on the best information we had at the time, and it has turned out not to be in the final game (at this point).

Since it was always the intention to implement these features, as I type this, the development team is checking to see what items can get added into the game. While I can’t promise what can be done, I can promise we are working with the proper teams and have expressed the importance of including them in a patch.

I really don’t think we can ask for much more out of them. This probably angers a lot of people to hear, but the only thing Vigil really owes is a functional copy of Darksiders II, and they’ve already held up that part of the bargain.

You can claim this is damage control, but the bottom line is that they are going out of their way to handle an issue that they have no obligation to, and in my opinion they deserve credit for doing so. It’s great to be able to congratulate a company for doing the right thing when we’re so used to calling them out for doing the wrong thing.

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