Darksiders II Will Be A Wii U Launch Title

Thanks to today’s Wii U focused livestream, we now know that Darksiders II will hit retail store shelves alongside Nintendo’s unique console, as opposed to releasing as a launch window title. As far as exclusive options go, it will let players use the device’s GamePad controller as both a map and an inventory system. Additionally, one can choose to evade attacks and/or steer their digital horse through the use of motion controls, although those features sound quite gimmicky.

Along with the above-mentioned list of Wii U specific options, THQ has stated that this particular version of Darksiders II will include the game’s first downloadable add-on, Argul’s Tomb, as well as all of its previously released pre-order bonuses. Going further, there’s been mention of “five hours of extra content,” although it’s unclear as to what exactly that statement refers to.

As always, we’ll keep you posted on more updates as they become available.