Date Confirmed For Chronicle: Runescape Legends’ Open Beta


Following the trail blazed by the likes of HearthstoneChronicle: Runescape Legends is set to be the latest card collection brawler seeking supremacy in the RPG sub-genre. Having enjoyed a successful closed beta back at the end of 2015, the dates for the game’s open beta have now been confirmed by developer Jagex.

The open beta is set to launch on March 23rd, though there is currently no confirmed end date for the testing period. The announcement trailer – which you can see above – demonstrates some of the basic gameplay elements but it also gives a good look at what will set Chronicle apart from other similar titles.

While Hearthstone plays out as a simple card battler, Chronicle: Runescape Legends has added a more dynamic and vibrant atmosphere around each of its duels. The card battling takes place on a tabletop setting where you’ll set your cards and move your character methodically around in an attempt to achieve strategic victory. There’s also a familiar Runescape skill system to move through, along with alternate game modes and styles.

You can check out more updates and register your interest in Chronicle: Runescape Legends over at right now.

Source: PC Gamer

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