Dead By Daylight Dev Wants Friday The 13th’s Jason In The Game

Jason Friday the 13th

For a game that sells itself on allowing players to control some of horror cinema’s most iconic characters, the continued absence of Jason Voorhees from Dead by Daylight is certainly a head-scratcher. This is the same asymmetrical multiplayer experience that’s managed to conscript the likes of Leatherface, Michael Myers and Freddy to have them revel in their favourite pastime of killing and maiming hapless teenagers, after all, so what gives?

There’s no definitive answer to that question, though the lack of representation for Friday the 13th certainly isn’t due to a lack of desire on developer Behaviour Interactive’s end. As per recent comments provided to, in fact, Dead by Daylight director Mathieu Côté is quick to point out that the team would love nothing more than to welcome Camp Crystal Lake’s resident killer to become a part of the family, so to speak.

Responding to the question of whether Jason could ever make an appearance, Côté said:

Jason has a standing invitation to Dead by Daylight. Whenever he’s ready, whenever he’s done with whatever he’s got going on in his life right now, he can come in. He’s going to be welcomed with open arms.

While Côté never makes any specific mention of certain ongoing legal proceedings concerning ownership of the character, their remarks certainly allude to that being the primary reason why Jason has yet to be added to the game. A resolution will come to pass eventually, of course, and Behaviour will likely be front of the queue to request his attendance when the day finally comes.

Until then, however, there’s still plenty of other upcoming content to get excited about. Confirmed earlier this week, Silent Hill‘s fearsome Pyramid Head is the next character confirmed to be joining Dead by Daylight‘s growing list of playable Killers. See here for all the details.