Silent Hill Fans Freaking Out Over New Pyramid Head DLC In Dead By Daylight

Silent Hill

Even though the Silent Hill video game IP has been pretty much on ice since the devastating cancellation of Silent Hills in April 2015, it’s beginning to look more and more likely that Konami may indeed be dusting off their beloved franchise for a new, modern audience.

Firstly, the Silent Hill rumour mill has been out of control as of late. From outlandish reports of Microsoft buying the Japanese publisher’s gaming back catalogue, to more plausible news of the company partnering with Sony to develop a duo of brand new Silent Hill titles, to even the unlikely possibility of a re-collaboration between Konami and everyone’s favourite Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima, it’s fair to say that the classic survival horror series is back in gamers’ mindshare right now. In fact, we even heard word from our own sources that Silent Hills is still on the cards.

Secondly, a new cinematic threequel based on the titular lakeside town has officially been given the greenlight as well. Thankfully, it’s being helmed by Christophe Gans, who’s familiar with the source material. Of course, Gans was instrumental in bringing the original movie to the silver screen. Personally, I believe that the first Silent Hill pic was pretty damn underrated, but that’s just me.

Finally and most pressingly, Silent Hill‘s most emblematic big bad, Pyramid Head, has just officially been announced to be coming to Behaviour Interactive’s 4v1 slasher, Dead By Daylight. Yes, you read that right, the foggy town’s most notorious judge, jury and executioner is making his way to the popular asymmetric multiplayer murder-’em-up as DLC.

As a result of the recent announcement, Silent Hill fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts about Pyramid Head landing his new gig as a killer in Dead By Daylight:

Silent Hill

While there hasn’t been any official confirmation from the publisher in regards to a brand new game, it’s fair to say that the classic survival horror series feels like it’s finally back in the limelight now. Frankly, we’ve got our fingers firmly crossed that the rumours about a new Silent Hill game are true. I mean, where there’s smoke there’s fire, right?

But what say you? Tell us, are you happy to see Pyramid Head making his way to Dead By Daylight as DLC? And would you like to see a new Silent Hill title from Konami? Grab your health drinks and let us know in the usual place down below.