Konami May Reveal Two New Silent Hill Games This Year

Silent Hill

Far the past several years, Silent Hill fans have had no other choice than to rely on hope and hearsay that the series has any sort of notable future.

Konami, despite still retaining sole ownership, seems to have completely forgotten about the beloved IP as of late, with puzzling events such as a total abandonment of the franchise’s official home on the internet only further fueling the fire. In fact, the only notable continuation – if you can even call it that – came last year when the publisher revealed a new Silent Hill-themed gambling cabinet for Japan. Hardly the triumphant return many had been hoping for.

Now, however, it seems some good fortune is finally in order. According to reputable leaker AestheticGamer, word on the street is that the company does, in actual fact, have not one, but two major Silent Hill titles in the works.

Silent Hill

One of these, they say, is intended to be a soft reboot of the historic survival horror series, while the other is a companion piece, of sorts, featuring gameplay inspired by the likes of Until Dawn and Telltale’s interactive story-driven experiences. Sadly, little else besides that already discussed is known at this time, and AestheticGamer is quick to point out that Konami may simply have rejected any pitches submitted to them.

With that said, however, they believe there’s a “high chance one or both of those titles may be revealed this year,” which, if true, would likely occur at E3. At this early stage, we’ve little other option than to wait patiently for any movement on Konami’s end, but at the very least, fans finally have a solid reason not to give up all hope of Silent Hill ever making a return.