New Dead By Daylight Gameplay Trailer Hails The Arrival Of Ghostface


Dead by Daylight‘s latest content update is now live in-game, bringing with it a brand new playable villain.

As if the blood-soaked debut trailer above hadn’t already given it away, the latest horror icon to join Behaviour Interactive’s asymmetrical multiplayer title is none other than Ghostface. The resident psychopath of Wes Craven’s famed Scream film series is the latest in a long line of similarly-feared killers to join the ranks of Dead by Daylight‘s cast and has an equally fearsome suite of abilities to boot.

As is the case for his peers, Ghostface’s repertoire consists of one core power and three passive or active perks. These dictate the playstyle of each killer and mirror their preferred method of carving a bloody path through swathes of innocents. In the case of this particularly pale-faced murderer, stealth and precision are the key pillars that define his modus operandi, beginning with Night Shroud.

This suitably-themed power allows the black-robed stalker to silently pursue his prey by shrinking his Terror Radius to eight meters. Essentially, as long as players donning the mask remain unseen from all Survivors, they can stalk from close proximity undetected, setting up a quick, clean elimination.

The perks complimenting Night Shroud are I’m All Ears, Thrilling Tremors and Furtive Chase. The first of these prompts a special aura to appear whenever a Survivor performs a rushed action, immediately betraying their position to the attacker. Thrilling Tremors, on the other hand, prevents all safe haven generators from being repaired whenever Ghostface incapacitates and picks up a Survivor, making for a particularly potent lock-out tool.

Last but not least, Furtive Chase is a stacking buff that reduces Terror Radius by several meters whenever the killer’s current target is placed on a hook. If said Survivor is rescued by another, the so-called Obsession status is transferred to the latter, so be sure to think twice whether it’s worth saving that poor soul from certain death.

To see all of the above come together and work in tandem, check out the launch trailer for Dead by Daylight‘s latest addition at the top of the page.

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