Dead Island On Steam Significantly Cheaper In US

If you buy the Dead Island four pack on Steam right now, you’re going to be significantly better off if you live in the US. At a touch under $150, you and your friends can each have a copy of the game, so long as you buy it from Steam in the States. A purchase in Europe will cost you around the area of $215, which is a whopping difference.

While there are different tax practises in each country and the price of something is never as simple as sticking a number through a currency exchange program, it’s difficult to imagine that Valve are having to pay $75 more for each pack’s sale in Europe.

This isn’t a new thing for countries that use the Euro either, with both Valve and Sony being regularly accused of using an exchange rate of 1 euro to 1 dollar on their digital stores. Some users have taken to the Dead Island forums demanding answers, but the posts have since been deleted.

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