Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Is Showing Some Love To The Apple Store

Capcom has announced that its Dead Rising 2: Off The Record app (Shot By Frank) has been released onto the iOS app store. With this free download, iOS users can make use of this new tool to make their own magazine covers, using edited photos taken by their high-tech Apple devices. Frank West’s new app allows his fans to turn their targets into zombies, or make the entire area look like a zombie apocalypse.

If anything, this app exists as simple press to grab people’s attention and aim it at Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, which Capcom is set to release this week. It’s free to download and will be worth a few minutes of your time as you wait in the waiting room for your job interview. Did I mention it’s free? Yeah, go download it. If nothing else, you’ll get some funny Facebook pictures out of it.