Dead Space 3’s E3 Debut Definite

The pre-E3 Necromorph news has been rather plentiful, and so for EA to confirm (whilst speaking to IGN) that it will indeed be unveiling Dead Space 3 at the event comes as no great surprise. However, it is still exciting to think that the rumours will soon be a reality and the various intriguing insights that have been made into this title will soon be illuminated.

Expected to debut at EA‘s press conference on Monday, June 4th at 1:00pm PDT, little else has been revealed about the unveil other than it including the first footage of the game. With the previously released screenshots having shown rather cold conditions and what one assumes is Issac’s new right-hand (RIG wearing) man, I expect that we will finally learn about this mysterious new monster slayer and be more formally introduced to the frozen theme.

The Markers call seems to be beckoning all of us action-horror fans once again, and even though co-op is a somewhat controversial and alien concept to the series, I can’t wait for the third limb of this franchise to thaw.