Deathspank Returns In The Baconing Later This Month

UPDATE: It’s been revealed that The Baconing will cost 1200 Microsoft Points – the equivalent of fifteen dollars. We also now know that the PC/Mac versions of the game are expected to release on the 31 as well.

Deathspank will be making a triumphant return to the XBOX 360 at the end of this month, via The Baconing. The third entry in the downloadable series of quests, laughs and mischief will be available on XBOX Live Arcade on August 31. It’s just one day later than the game’s PSN release date, as part of the PlayStation Network PLAY promotion. Unlike Bloodrayne: Betrayal, it won’t be receiving a lengthy delay because of a timed exclusivity deal or anything like that.

PC and Mac users will also be able to get in on the fun with this release, as its going to be making its rounds to their computerized platforms as well.

If you’ve played the last two games in this very popular series, then you’re surely getting ready for an epic feast. We’re very much the same and have already started getting ready for The Baconing‘s roasting later this month.