Defenders Of Ardania Set To Debut On XBLA And PC March 14th

We’re living in odd times, friends. We’ve finally reached a place where not only are we able to play fun games on mobile devices, but we’re starting to see those games ported to consoles. Defenders of Ardania has been one of the top iPad games for a while now, and we’re finally going to be able to see what it looks like on our high-definition TVs and monitors.

The tower defense meets RTS game has a few tricks up its sleeve to separate itself from the pack. First, not only are you going to be tasked with building up your defenses, you’re also going to have to deploy your own armies to fight back against the onslaught. While that’s pretty cool, it’s this next bit that puts Defenders of Ardania on my watch list: competitive and cooperative multiplayer. Up to four players will be able to join a game online, in order to try to take down their friends. While I’m not as well-versed on tower defense games as I should be, I’m having a hard time thinking of another title that offers this.

Defenders of Ardania is available now for the iPad. It will be available on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PC on March 14.

GDC 2012: Defenders of Ardania Advances upon Xbox LIVE Arcade & PC

iPad’s Innovative Tower Defense/Offense Game Consorts with Consoles

GDC San Francisco – March 7th, 2012 – Paradox Interactive and Deep Silver are preparing to unleash the next wave for Defenders of Ardania, a new multiplayer tower defense game, and the publishers’ first release for the iPad tablet. Defenders of Ardania, which made its iOS debut in December, has successfully defended its tablet territory with much critical acclaim, and now seeks to conquer the lands of Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft on March 14 and on Windows PC likewise.

The game challenges players to not only manage their defenses against waves of marauding fiends, but to fight back and deploy their own armies against cunning AI opponents – and other players online.

Defenders of Ardania presents a deep, immersive game world to play in, featuring three unique races and the themed environments they inhabit. The strategic tower defense gameplay will challenge players to make use of 24 different upgradeable towers to stop the invading foes, along with 24 varied units to send out for counterattacks. With an interactive environment, an arsenal of magic spells, and multiplayer battles included, Defenders of Ardania has more than enough to intrigue the most seasoned defenders of towers everywhere.

Defenders of Ardania is available now for iPad, and will arrive on Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360 and Windows PC on March 14.

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