Destiny 2 Beta Impressions: We’re All In For A Fight

The Opening Story Mission

The mission, titled “Homecoming,” opens with an assault on the Tower and the three main Vanguard leaders, Cayde-6, Zavala and Ikora Rey are scattered. The player assumes the role of a Guardian returning home after a mission, only to find the Tower — the “home base” for Destiny players for the last three years – in flames.

They’re then led through some familiar Tower locations, now in absolute ruin, as they battle the armies of the Red Legion. This is almost like a nostalgic trip through what was once our playground, but the nostalgia is ruined by all the destruction. The player pushes on, meeting up with the leaders in one form or another until the final battle and the confrontation with the vile Ghaul, who steals the Guardian’s light, destroys his ghost and then kicks him off a platform, seemingly to his death. Fun times, right?

The new subclasses, Sentinel, Dawnblade and Arcstrider, are all exciting. As an example, the Hunter class still has the familiar Golden Gun for the beta, but also the new Arcstrider, which replaces Bladedancer. Arcstrider is incredibly powerful. I’m not sure if it was overpowered for the beta, or if it was nerfed during one of the patches that Bungie sent out, but it sure was awesome see the character engulfed in blue energy and unleash that light staff assault on enemies – including bosses – and watch them fall as if they were a simple grunt.