Destiny Dev Diary Showcases Precious Armoury and Loot; Beta Goes Live In July

Bungie has published an all-new development diary for its upcoming online shooter, Destiny, which details the extensive arsenal brimming beneath its sci-fi guise.

Essentially, the footage showcases the plethora of customisation options for players to get their teeth into, including envious armour and of course, weaponry.

Primarily, those armaments will be divided into three distinct categories: standard, special and heavy. As one would expect, each of these categories contain a different breed of weapons, including hand cannons, sniper rifles and heavy machine guns. In fact, Destiny’s lead designer Lars Bakken teased that the game’s catalogue of guns is the biggest the studio has ever created.

In terms of that all-important loot, however, Bungie also outlined the ways in which items dropped by enemies are specific to each character. Meaning that, should you and your co-op buddy take down the same alien enemy, each player will gain loot that is appropriate to their class of choice.

“If we’re in a Fireteam together, it’s great: We’re never fighting over those things,” said Bakken.

Looking ahead to the game’s much-anticipated launch, though, it’s understood that a beta for the shared-world shooter will go live a couple of months ahead of release in July, with those who pre-ordered the title on PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 getting access first.

Ultimately, for both Activision and Bungie, Destiny represents a huge new venture into the sci-fi shooter genre; so huge, in fact, that the game will reportedly run up a $500 million bill across the next ten years. This gargantuan figure, which was revealed by Activision’s CEO Bobby Kotick, encompasses a hoard of game-related expenses including marketing, infrastructure support, packaging, royalties and other costs.

If that number is accurate, then this would mean Destiny is far and away the most expensive video game ever created, which is surely a significant statistic to place on the shoulders of a new and indeed unproven intellectual property.

Destiny is set to launch across Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on September 9th, 2014.

Source: Polygon