Destiny Developer Bungie Submits Trademark For ‘DestinyCon’

Bungie could be planning to hold a convention for its popular sci-fi shooter Destiny in the future if a recent trademark submitted by the developer is anything to go by.

As spotted by DualShockers (via Game Rant), the application was filed under classification 41 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which makes direct reference to conventions in “connection with the game Destiny.” Now, before we jump the gun and assuming it’s successful, the filing doesn’t mean Bungie will hold such an event, and could simply be a decision made by the studio to prevent the term being used by others.


Last year, a group of Twitch streamers held a fan-run Destiny Community Con for players, one of which – ProfessorBroman – responded to the news, stating that he believes the application is a result of them wanting to “protect their IP from any future confusion regarding events,” rather than it being in preparation of an official event, but who knows.

Assuming Activision’s previous comments remain accurate and Destiny 2 is still on-track for a release in 2017, this year could well prove to be the biggest yet for the series, and what better way to drum up hype for a sequel than with a convention? Until such time that it’s officially announced, however, we can’t imagine Bungie has much to talk about in regards to Destiny.

Since the release of last year’s Rise of Iron expansion, just a handful of small content updates – including the monthly reoccurrence of Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner PvP events – have been rolled out, leading many to take a break from the action until some new, meatier content is detailed. Bungie definitely needs to put something out to keep Guardians occupied until Destiny 2 drops later this year, and while we know new stuff is on the way, it remains to be seen if it’ll be enough, whatever it turns out to be.

With any luck, tomorrow’s weekly update from the studio will reveal more. Stay tuned.