Destiny Launch Trailer Arrives Three Weeks Early


After countless months of anticipation, it’s hard to believe that we are only three weeks away from the launch of Destiny. In celebration of this milestone, Bungie and Activision have unleashed a new launch trailer for the title. It may be a couple of weeks early, but at this point, who’s really complaining?

Interspersed between quotes proclaiming its greatness, the trailer showcases the addictive action that has propelled the hype for Destiny through the roof. Throughout the course of the clip, we see space ships soaring, aliens blasted and massive planets explored. Sure, the footage may not look much different from previous clips, or what we experienced in the beta, but it does serve as a helpful reminder of how exciting the title looks.

Developed by Bungie, the studio behind the smash franchise Halo, Destiny is a blend of first-person shooter gameplay and MMO customization. The Activision-published title will launch on September 9 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Source: Destructoid

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