Destiny Nightfall Strikes To Receive “Subtle” Changes With Age of Triumph

Destiny will be superseded later this year with the long-awaited arrival of Destiny 2, but given that the sequel is still several months away from release, Bungie knows that players across the globe need something to keep their Guardians busy until the big day arrives.

Cue Age of Triumph, a final farewell event carefully curated by the developer to be a celebration of all the feats and accomplishments you’ve ever made while exploring the shooter’s sci-fi universe. In case you missed the original announcement or, for that matter, Bungie’s livestream earlier this week, you can find details for everything we know so far here, but since then, some new details have come to light.

Speaking to Games Radar, Bungie community manager DeeJ told the site that, besides bringing all of Destiny‘s existing raids up to scratch in Age of Triumph, the sandbox team will also be making some “subtle” changes to how the Nightfall works, with a “whole new set of weekly rituals,” for players to sink their teeth into.

There’s going to be a whole new set of weekly rituals – when you look at your Director, there are always featured activities in the lower left hand corner of the main view. We’re creating a new suite of those. There will be weekly featured activities in the Crucible. In Strikes, we’re doing some subtle things to change up the way that the Nightfalls work – we’ll talk about that in the second stream. Prison of Elders and even all four raids will be part of a weekly ritual that can help any character reach the top of your Light Scale, to reach maximum Light, to become a Guardian with 400 Light.

What exactly those changes will entail remains to be seen, but it could well be the case that new modifiers will be added to the existing rotation. We’ll have to wait and see, but from everything we’ve heard so far, Bungie certainly looks to be pulling out all the stops for Destiny‘s last hurrah.

If you were hoping for it to deliver one final expansion to Vault Space with Age of Triumph though, you’re sadly going to be left wanting – Bungie confirmed during a Q&A in its latest weekly update that no more will be added. Kiosks introduced with The Taken King were the “final storage solutions implemented for Destiny 1,” reads the response.

Destiny‘s Age of Triumph event kicks off March 28 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A second livestream focused on the weekly ritual is scheduled to take place next week. See you then, Guardians.

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