Destiny’s Iron Banner 2.0 To Ramp Up The Difficulty, New Chat System Imminent


Take heed, Guardians, for it looks as though the new and improved Iron Banner 2.0 event will weave its way into Destiny by the end of next week. The competitive multiplayer mode, which went live ahead of schedule at the beginning of October, essentially tailors to the upper echelons of Guardians, a playlist that promises one thing: power matters.

It’s not clear exactly when the event will arrive for Destiny players, though Bungie expects to implement the changes at some point next week following a planned update on Monday, November 17th.

Taking to the official blog, the studio outlined a list of the high-level changes coming to the shared-world shooter’s new playlist.

  • Only players Level 20 and above can lead a Fireteam
  • Players below Level 20 can accompany more powerful friends
  • Players within 3 Levels can be competitive with each other
  • Your DEFENSE rating affects how you take damage
  • Wear your best (highest rated) armor
  • Players out of your league will seem like a Boss
  • Your ATTACK rating affects how you inflict damage
  • Equip your best (highest rated) weapons
  • Lower-level players wielding fully-upgraded weapons should still be considered a very credible threat.

That aforementioned Monday update is poised to introduce a beta test for an all-new chat mode. Entitled Navigation Mode, the opt-in feature allows Guardians to communicate with other matchmade players. So, essentially, users will have the choice between Fireteam Chat and Team Chat, with the latter giving budding explorers the opportunity to talk to players you meet through matchmaking in Destiny. It’s novel feature, and one that will come in handy for those arduous strike raid miss — at least, in theory.

For the majority of Destiny players, next week’s Iron Banner event will no doubt by the headlining feature from today’s blog post, particularly given how quickly you can reach the level cap in the shooter. Either way, for the comprehensive list of changes that Iron Banner 2.0 will herald, you can head on over to Bungie’s official page.

Source: Bungie