Destiny’s PlayStation-Exclusive Content Includes Co-Op Missions, Guns & Shiny Armour


Much like Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag before it, it’s understood that Bungie’s forthcoming sci-fi shooter Destiny is set to get PlayStation-exclusive content upon release and, in a post over on PlayStation Blog, Sony outlined exactly what these in-game extras will include.

Along with a catalogue of exclusive armour and weaponry, Bungie confirmed that PlayStation owners can expect an all-new co-op mission — which is due to take place on the Red Planet itself, Mars — supplemented with an additional multiplayer map as well. Entitled Dust Palace Strike and Exodus Blue, respectively, it will introduce players to new enemies and locales across Destiny’s rich universe.

In terms of the additions to Destiny’s gear, the PS-exclusive armour will encompass the durable Vanir armament, the Manifold Seeker and the Argus wire-weave, which will be distributed across the game’s trio of classes (namely Warlock, Titan and Hunter). For firepower, however, PlayStation users can expect to find the Monte Carlo and the Hawkmoon come release.

And while Activision and Bungie are yet to announce how long the aforementioned content will be exclusive for, reports have suggested that the timed exclusivity will stretch until fall, 2015 — so, at least a year after release.

Recently, Bungie also pushed the boundary of the game’s alpha testing, allowing it to run an extra day longer to allow for “dangerous experiments” If you weren’t able to participate in the first round of public testing, though, the studio confirmed that a full beta will begin rolling out across PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on July 17th.

Beyond that, gamers across all platforms can look forward to the launch of Destiny on September 9th, 2014.