Deus Ex: Human Revolution Trailer Discusses Hacking And Social Systems

The wait for Deus Ex: Human Revolution isn’t getting any easier. Square Enix and Eidos Montreal teamed up once again today, to release yet another great looking trailer for the much-anticipated role-playing/shooter mix.

Last time, we were treated to footage showing the different ways in which situations can be approached: through stealth, guns blazing or improvisation. This latest social trailer takes that further by previewing the social/emotional system, which allows Adam Jensen to reason with enemies, form allied relationships and tackle side quests. A good mixture of gameplay footage and developer commentary help you understand what the Human Revolution will be like, and how to deal with those you meet.

In addition, there is also a fair amount of time devoted to the hacking minigame which plays a relatively big role in the experience. Using a short strategy minigame structure, players can unlock safes, hack into computers and use technology to their advantage. That’s always fun, especially if you’re trying to not be noticed.

You can join the revolution when Deus Ex: Human Revolution releases in North America on August 23. It’ll be available on the 26th in Europe.