Development On The Wolf Among Us 2 Starting From Scratch With New Engine

The Wolf Among Us 2

The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley made a number of surprise announcements at the show earlier this month, with The Wolf Among Us 2 being one of them. The original, released back in 2013 by Telltale Games, is based on Bill Willingham’s popular Fables comic and casts players in the role of Bigby Wolf as he attempts to solve a murder case among the tight-knit and secretive community of Fabletown.

While it never enjoyed the same popularity and following of Telltale’s flagship The Walking Dead series, Wolf Among Us has still established a sizable fanbase over the years, with folks frequently calling for a sequel. Those requests ultimately amounted to nought but disappointment though when the developer announced last year that it would be closing down following mass layoffs. Since then, however, California-based publisher LCG Entertainment has acquired several major licenses and assets from the former studio, confirming that it would see The Walking Dead‘s final season (previously cancelled halfway through) to a definitive conclusion.

As for The Wolf Among Us 2, LCG Entertainment CEO Jaime Ottilie recently spoke to USGamer and revealed that, at least in the case of Bigby’s return, Telltale will no longer be using its in-house Tool engine, but rather, Unreal Engine 4 for development. Not only that but the project has been “completely restarted” from scratch, says Ottilie, who explains that “we felt it best to give the new creative team a clean start.”

The Wolf Among Us 2

Ultimately, the change of engine will likely prove to be a smart decision on LCG’s part, as even prior to Telltale’s original closure, many had criticized the studio’s own for being outdated and in severe need of modernization. Fingers crossed that this new project helps to make Telltale the industry leader in story-driven, episodic games that it once was.

The Wolf Among Us 2 has yet to receive a release date and we still don’t know which platforms it’ll be on, but once we learn more, we’ll be sure to let you know.