Diablo III Does Its Part To Cheer Up Depressed Barbarians

There’s nothing quite as sad as a sad barbarian. You’ve seen them, barely able to lift their hammer, as they dream of the battles of yesteryear. Since Diablo II, they’ve scattered across the land without will to hope. Well luckily for them, the invading (evil) Sanctuary has finally given them a reason to perk up. They’ll get their chance to build up fury to slaughter anything that gets in the way, carry weapons roughly the size of New Jersey and scream to their hearts’ content. There’s a long way to go before they’re restored to their prior glory, but it seems that Diablo III has finally offered the chance for them to heal and move forward.

You’ll be able to do your part when Diablo III launches on May 15th, which is 33 days from now. But who’s counting?