Dig Up Vivosaurs In Fossil Fighters: Champions

The addictive idea of forming a collection has translated well into video game form. Just look at Nintendo‘s incredibly successful Pokemon franchise, with its, “Gotta catch ’em all!” tagline. We gamers have the collector gene, too.

Another well-received Nintendo game with a collection element, has received a sequel this week. Fossil Fighters: Champions is now available for the Nintendo DS, giving gamers of all ages a chance to dig for fossils in order to form a team of vivosaurs. Using strategy and varied attacks, those discovered reptile fossils can be used to defeat other archaeologists in battle. Who knows; digging in digital dirt may end up turning you into a champion.

For more information regarding Fossil Fighters: Champions, we refer you to its launch press release, which is posted below. A full review will be coming in the near future, so please check back for that, fossil hunters.

As consumers dig into their holiday shopping this season, they can discover a way to dig for fascinating fossils and encounter some extraordinary virtual creatures. The Fossil Fighters: Champions game launches today exclusively for the Nintendo DS family of hand-held systems. The game asks players to use precision to clean ancient fossils, skill to assemble fantasy teams of revived dinosaurs called vivosaurs and strategy to battle those vivosaurs in a grand tournament.

Fossil Fighters: Champions turns players of all ages into budding paleontologists,” said Ron Bertram, Nintendo of Canada’s vice-president and general manager. “Up to four players can dig in and have fun.”

Fossil Fighters: Champions requires players to excavate and carefully clean ancient dinosaur fossils using the Nintendo DS stylus as a hammer and drill. The more effectively the fossils are cleaned, the more powerful the resulting revived vivosaurs will be in battles. Giant fossil rocks containing complete dinosaur fossils and two-sided fossil rocks are new to the franchise. Players can discover more than 140 vivosaurs. By finding rare golden fossils, they can even transform certain vivosaurs into powerful new “Super Evolver” forms.

Once players have successfully cleaned a fossil skull, they can revive a vivosaur and prepare it for battle. Players then command a team of three vivosaurs in turn-based battles, using their vivosaurs’ unique skills and special attacks. Players can also rotate their vivosaur formations during battle to give them an edge over opponents.

The game contains a number of wireless features as well. Players can compete in matchmaking battles or upload their best team to see how it fares against others. Players with broadband Internet access can use Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection to download additional vivosaurs and events that offer unique challenges and surprises, including a number of vivosaurs that cannot be found elsewhere in the game. Using DS Download Play, one player who has the game can connect wirelessly with up to three other Nintendo DS owners within range and cooperate to expertly clean fossils together.

For more information about Fossil Fighters: Champions, visit http://fossilfighterschampions.nintendo.com.