Disciples III: Resurrection Announced

Kalypso Media Group and Akella have announced a new chapter in their critically acclaimed tactical RPG series, Disciples. With the much anticipated next chapter named Resurrection, Kalypso has promised their fans even more adventures with dozens of new units, multiple heroes, and a truly massive campaign.

Set to release for the PC in January 2012, the game will return players to the mystical lands of Nevendaar and task them with leading an army of the walking dead. Players will be able to build armies of fallen heroes and both living and undead monsters as they seek retribution against the dark Goddess Mortis.

Using dark magic, brute force and a great deal of courage, players will battle their way through more than 70 hours of new gameplay using the hordes of undead at their fingertips to conquer all before them.

New features of Disciples 3: Resurrection will include:

  • The Undead Horde: A new race of undead beasts and heroes are available for players to push their tactical skills to the limits. Creatures include Death Dragons, Vampires, werewolves, and more.
  • Over 70 hours of gameplay will keep players immersed in the huge campaign world of Disciples.
  • With more than 50 new units, plus two new storyline characters and four new leaders fully detailed in the Distinctive Disciple art style. Players will find new and intriguing ways to play through each new campaign.
  • Featuring the powerful Gothic theme fans love, the detailed artwork and character models are sure to impress both new and old players alike.

Check out the gallery of screens below.

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