Disgaea 4 Hits U.S In Summer 2011

Nippon Ichi Software has finally revealed news of Disgaea 4! Not much is known at the moment, however, we do know the main character is a vampire named Valbatose, who for some mysterious reason gave up his powers, and became the warden of the netherworld prison. After some time being the warden, he realizes how corrupt the netherworld government is, and decides to fight once again to overthrow it. Along the way he is joined by comrades who aid him in his cause.

Sounds like a classic Nippon Ichi storyline, but more importantly, what new things were added to the game? At this time, we only of a few new classes that have been thrown into the mix such as, Cyborg, Yin Yang Technician, and Professor. Hopefully, there will be some new aspects to the game, and a revamped battle system, as it’s rarely been changed at all since the first installment. Fans have mostly been wondering if any online play will be featured in this installment, and all I can say is don’t hold your breath.

As usual Nippon Ichi fashion they’ve pulled out all the stop when it comes to the limited edition version. It comes with a figurine of one of the games main characters, the soundtrack(2 CD set), some trading cards,and a forty-four page art book. As usual this will most likely ONLY be for the Japanese release. If you really want the limited edition items that much, order a Japanese verion, or wait for items to show up on ebay as they often do. The limited edition game is running about one hundred and twenty dollars for the pre-order, with a possible twenty dollar mark-up on shelves.

Shown here is pretty much what the limited edition contents look like

This game is currently looking at release date of February, 24, 2011 in the land of the rising sun and, September 17, 2011 state side.