Dishonored DLC “The Brigmore Witches” Given A Release Date


Lately I’ve been in a weird, middling state of mind regarding downloadable content in games. For the longest time, I avoided it like the plague — spending more than my apportioned sixty dollars per game, under any circumstances, was something I was none-to-thrilled to try, thank you very much. Then Fire Emblem: Awakening hit, I blacked out, and woke up a month later with every single DLC map purchased. Now, I love DLC. DLC rules! I guess it’s my lucky day, then, as Bethesda has just revealed when the latest and final DLC pack for Arkane Studios’ stealth-adventure Dishonored will be arriving.

It’s a pretty even spread, with the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360 versions all arriving on August 13th in all regions. There is a somewhat random caveat for European PS3 owners, though — they’ll have to wait an extra day. Why Bethesda wouldn’t just put them all out on the 14th is somewhat of a mystery, but that’s the situation. I’ve heard stories that European PS3 owners, specifically, are prone to becoming depraved, revenge-seeking killer robots at the slightest disturbance, so hopefully Bethesda is keeping that in mind and has an underground shelter prepared.

It terms of the The Brigmore Witches’ content, it’s essentially a continuation and conclusion of the story arch that began in previous DLC pack The Knife of Dunwall. All of the player’s accomplishments in that pack (including weapons and chaos levels) will be carried over as well. I won’t go into the plot itself since there are bound to be plenty who haven’t experienced the game yet (I only just grabbed it used on Amazon for fifteen bucks), but you can be sure that if you played Knife of Dunwall you won’t want to miss this.

Plus, it’s only ten dollars so — wait, ten dollars?! I didn’t know DLC could cost more than three-fifty! I may have to rethink this DLC thing after all. When I do finally finish Dishonored, though, I am positive that I’ll eventually want to try The Brigmore Witches.