Don’t buy someone ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ on PC for Christmas

Final Fantasy fans have been excited to play Final Fantasy VII Remake on PC since it was released on PlayStation last year. Unfortunately for them, the PC port has been released and people are finding it less than optimal. 

The port seems to have a slew of technical issues, including some stuttering problems. The game also does not include some of the settings which were included in the excellent PS5 launch earlier this year. It is by no means a Cyberpunk 2077 level catastrophe, but the lack of options (no control over certain effects, no resolution scaling, or variable frame rate) is less than desirable.

Maybe to bring the news around to a more positive note, the Final Fantasy VII Twitter account announced that PlayStation Plus users who claimed the PS4 version can now upgrade to the PS5 version of the game for free. The free upgrade will be available for PS Plus members later this week. 

This comes after fans complained that the upgrade path was too confusing and that it was anti-consumer when only the PS4 version of the game was included on the PS Plus March 2021 lineup. Ironically people are still roasting Square Enix in the comments of their Twitter post because they didn’t announce it earlier. 

With that being said Final Fantasy 7 Remake runs great on PlayStation and hopefully after a few patches, the issues people were facing on PC will get fixed and people will be able to enjoy the game to its maximum potential. What do you think about the award-winning game having a mixed reception on PC? Are you going to play it? Let us know in the comments below!