Double Dragon 2 Gets A Radical Makeover For XBOX Live Arcade

Those of us who grew up playing old-school beat-em ups would be happy to hear that Double Dragon 2 is set to make its way into the new millennium via XBOX Live Arcade. However, the news is a bit strange considering this won’t be exactly the same game everyone is familiar with putting tons of quarters into. You see – it’s going to be a three-dimensional remake of the arcade game.

Co-Optimus has learned that the game will be titled Wander of the Dragons, and that it is currently in development in Korea. Barunson Interactive are at the helm. The studio is best known for its side-scrolling massively multiplayer game, Dragonica.

Due out in September for a price tag of fifteen dollars, Wander of the Dragons will be based on the arcade version of Double Dragon 2: The Revenge. Its character designs are certainly quite different from those in its inspiration, and the gameplay seems to be quite a bit more modern as well. Co-operative play will now support up to four players, which is certainly a nice feature to have.

Hopefully fans of the original game will embrace this remake, even if it is a departure. Based on the gameplay video we’ve supplied, it looks like it has the potential to be a pretty fun game. Though, given that it is such a big change, it could upset some of the iconic series’ faithful.

Take a look at the five minute gameplay video and a handful of screens below, then let us know what you think in the comments.