Double Fine Pegs Broken Age Act 2 For Release In Early 2015


Those players eager to continue the tale of Vella and Shay will be pleased to note that Broken Age Act 2 will make its bow in the early stages of 2015.

Double Fine confirmed the news via a recent blog post, stating that the conclusive chapter in the point-and-click adventure title will span around eight to ten hours in length.

The goal now is to get all the finale work done so we can hit Alpha on all of Act 2 by the end of the year. That means, as you may have guessed based on recent updates and documentary episodes, the Act 2 ship that will deliver the complete adventure is now looking like it will be early next year. The production team is currently working to nail down a new schedule for finaling the game that we can use as a goal for the team and also share with you all.

The game is looking really good and the team is working super fast, but we just gotta give the game the time it needs to really deliver on everything we’re hoping it will be.

Double Fine’s Kickstarter-funded game make its debut back in January on PC — before arriving on iPad in June — off the back of a record-breaking $3.4 million crowdfunding campaign. Initially, the esteemed studio was met with criticism when it announced plans to divide Broken Age into two parts, but according to founder Tim Schafer, the episodic release proved to be a success.

Whether a year-long wait is too much for fans of the first chapter remains to be seen, but given the reception of Act 1, it’s seems a safe bet that fans of the genre and indeed Double Fine will be chomping at the bit when the release of Broken Age Act 2 finally rolls around.