Double Fine Releases Broken Age Teaser Trailer

Double Fine Productions officially pulled back the curtain on their Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter project last week at PAX East, revealing to non-backers that the old school point-and-click adventure game will be titled Broken Age. This week at GDC, the developer and “90,000 of their closet friends” publicly released the first teaser trailer for the crowdfunded project, giving the rest of the world its first look at the upcoming game.

Broken Age‘s plot tells the stories of a young boy and girl who are “leading parallel lives” in two very different settings. The boy is confined to a “solitary life” on a spaceship, with only a “motherly computer” to keep him company. His one desire in life is to “break free to lead adventures and do good in the world”. On the other hand, the young girl is far from lonely, as she is being raised by her family in a small village. However, being surrounded by family and friends does have its drawbacks, which she finds out for herself when the village selects her to be “sacrificed to a terrible monster”.

As the Dude would say, “Friends like these.”

While it is impossible to say exactly how Broken Age will turn out based only on the teaser trailer, the art style and settings certainly show a lot of promise. If nothing else, everything about the game appears to be headed in the right direction.

Check out Broken Age‘s teaser trailer below, and let us know your thoughts on the adventure game down in the comments.

Also, if you are interested in joining the crowdfunding effort Double Fine is still taking donations via pre-orders on the game’s official website, or through a “slacker backers” program. A $15 pre-order/donation gets you a DRM-free copy of Broken Age for PC, Mac & Linux, while a $30 pre-order/donation throws in access to the backer-only forums, all episodes of the 2 Player Productions’ documentary, development materials, and a digital soundtrack.