‘Dragon Age 4’ looking increasingly unlikely to debut in 2022

Dragon Age Inquisition

Fans of Bioware’s long-running role-playing series are still bursting with excitement over Dragon Age 4, which heralds the return of Solas as the powerful Fen’Harel. But according to the latest reports by reliable industry journalists Tom Henderson and Jeff Grubb, the highly-anticipated sequel won’t be ready for release anytime soon.

Bioware as a developer is known to take its time with new installments, and even though the current studio houses an almost completely different team, that still seems to be the case with the latest upcoming entries in Dragon Age and Mass Effect. The developer has been working on both games for several years, though the former takes precedence, if for no other reason than it’s been more than seven years since Dragon Age: Inquisition came out.

Based on what Tom Henderson has revealed, though, there’s “no chance” that Dragon Age 4 will be ready for release in 2022. Jeff Grubb has also confirmed this by reporting that the sequel is “still more than a year away.” Sorry, Dragon Age fans ⏤ it’ll still be a while before you get the chance to dive back into your favorite fantasy world.

Official Dragon Age 4 art, courtesy of EA

Henderson claims that in place of Dragon Age, EA’s 2022 calendar will instead host Criterion’s new Need For Speed and Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel. We’ve reached out to Bioware for a comment on this report and will update you if we hear anything back.

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