Dragon’s Crown Summons Two New Trailers


Atlus and Vanillaware have released two new trailers for their upcoming brawler, Dragon’s Crown, showcasing more of the Amazon and Wizard classes. The former is a hard hitting class who focuses on flashy kicks and slams while the latter specializes in a variety of elemental attacks and spells.

As always the game oozes with Vanillaware’s fantastic art style looking like it jumped straight from a fantasy novel. However, as more screenshots and videos were released, many people took offense to the design of the Sorceress character, calling it highly sexist and a step backward for the game industry in general.

Personally, I don’t feel her design is sexist insofar as most characters in the game are designed to be the very pinnacle of their archetypes in the Swords and Sandals style of fantasy. I’m personally just not a fan of her look as I feel it just isn’t on par with some of the impressive visuals that Dragon’s Crown art director George Kamitani has created for the rest of this game.

Check out the two trailers below:

Amazon Trailer

Wizard Trailer

The PlayStation 3 and Vita title is a callback to old school 2D brawlers like Golden Axe and Double Dragon. The multiplayer co-op experience is said to have multiple paths for adventurers to explore with a variety of quests to undertake. Players will level up their respective character as they explore a number of magical tombs looking for the elusive crown of dragons.

People looking at buying Dragon’s Crown within a month of its release date of August 6th will also be entitled to free DLC that adds additional narration voices from the cast of six characters.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted as more news arises.