Duke Nukem Forever Once Again Suffers Delay

Maybe ‘suffers’ is a little unfair considering games are usually polished up during the period of not-being-released-keep-fans-waiting-indefinitely. Except here we actually have a date instead of some vague mumblings about ‘summer’, June 10th/14th (international) is the new detonation time for Duke Nukem Forever. I guess that Duke-dedicated drum roll is going to have to hold on a little be longer eh?Gearbox has released an almost amusing apology video to ‘make up for’ um…delaying a game that has been 13 odd years in the making. With a set of guns that would make Rambo and Arnie weep, and appalling table manners, the Duke is hoping to punch his way back to the top of FPS and reclaim his seat as the King – oh and he has some big weapons too.

Once again I’ll voice my caution about this reboot – Duke was big back in the day (probably for all the most unholy of reasons) but a lot has changed since then and his vulgar brashness might not be so popular with the modern audience. But hey ho I do rather miss those dual rocket devastators.

In the meantime check out our hands on preview…now that you have some more time..