Pre-Order Dungeon Defenders On Steam For Free Valve Gifts

Put simply, Dungeon Defenders just hooked up with good ol' Gabe Newell, and now we're getting some sick extra content.

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The title says it all: Dungeon Defenders just got even more awesome.

Put simply, Dungeon Defenders just hooked up with good ol’ Gabe Newell, and now we’re getting some sick extra content.

Check this out: The Heavy, The Doctor, The Pyro and The Engineer from Team Fortress 2, will show up as paranoid delusions in your brain that help you kill stuff. On top of that, you get a gun that shoots portals. I’ll tell you something; It does not take a genius to put “Shoot portal at where they spawn from” and “Shoot portal into lava pit” together. BAM! Easy lane strategy!

Of course, these are only available to gamers who pre-order the game through Steam. A 10% discount will also be given.

If that’s not cool enough, Dungeon Defenders will be releasing for three platforms, all on the same day (which is October 18th). These three are PSN, XBLA, and PC (all on October 18th). The game (which comes out October 18th) has been in my sights since it was first mentioned, and I even loved the cool Android off-shoot they did to test the game-play mechanics (which didn’t come out on October 18th, but was still awesome). Really, it’s looking like an awesome game and you should probably go get it (pre-order it now, it comes out October 18th).

If you’re not convinced that this game is awesome, then I suggest watching this video. Why? Because this video is awesome and proves that this game is going to be, well, awesome! Check it out below.

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