E3 Will See You In Los Angeles In 2012

The Entertainment Software Association has reported that approximately 46,800 people attended E3 2011 this week, and that there were 200 exhibitors showing off their products. All combined, there were more than 120 retail companies from 18 different countries, who participated in the expo’s VIP Retailer program. The overall international participation grew “with representatives coming from 106 countries-up from 90 in 2010.”

“This year’s E3 propelled video games to the pinnacle of the entertainment world,” said ESA president and CEO Michael Gallaghe. “The industry’s innovation, creativity, and excitement combined to show the world the ultimate entertainment experience.

“The positive news generated by the event reached all parts of the world, and we are looking forward to building on this great momentum in 2012.”

The ESA also commented on how E3 2011 benefited the City of Los Angeles, by contributing over $25 million.

With all that said and done, their final comment was on how next year’s expo will in fact take place in the City of Angels, once again. It is set for June 5-7, 2012, and will be held at the Los Angeles Convention centre again.