EA Games Continue To Misfire At E3 And Mishandle Their Big IPs


Oh dear, it’s the same old story with EA games; another year goes by and it’s another disappointing showing from their press conference at E3. Yet again we aren’t discussing the excitement of a major game announcement or tease. Rather, we’re wondering why on earth did EA even bother. Somehow, they have managed to out-do their dismal showing from last year, demonstrating once again that they apparently have no concept of how to effectively construct a well-paced conference.

In fact, to say the conference was a disappointment is probably an understatement; EA’s conference this year was awful in almost every way. The crux of the issue is that the publisher has nothing to talk about that is of any consequence. There were literally no major announcements of any note and no new gameplay details for any of their major franchises that we didn’t already know. Therefore, there was really no reason to even hold a conference in the first place, especially given that EA are already running their own separate event this year.


Seriously, does EA not understand that gamers don’t tune in to watch announcements and footage that we already know are happening? We’re sick and tired of watching the annualized sports IPs dominating such a significant proportion of stage time, especially when they’re not even demonstrating any real gameplay.

Of course, there was always a slight air of inevitability that EA’s conference was going to be another letdown given that the developer insists on continually teasing and talking about games that are nowhere near completion. Sure, they have titles that are imminent such as Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1, and while those are certainly games that a lot of people want to play, they aren’t necessarily announcements that we care about. This is all stuff we know about already – we’ve already got the message.