EA’s Mystery FPS Dark Horse Of 2011

Time to place your bets people because EA’s CEO John Riccitiello said his company has a “very exciting” unannounced first person shooter currently in the works, in an EA conference call last night. This is according to reports from Seeking Alpha.

During the conversation, Riccitiello explains that it’s their long term goal to “take back the first person shooter category” citing that Battlefield BC2, Medal Of Honour, Crysis 2, and Bulletstorm will clearly help them reach their goal, but implying that the real hard hitter (CoD killer basically) hasn’t even been announced yet.

Now this mysterious treasure chest of a game could be any of the following three:

1)      Respawn (Ex-Infinity Ward)’s IP of revenge-ness

2)      Crytek UK finally getting their golden chance to make TimeSplitters 4

3)      A totally new game IP

Whether or not Riccitiello is talking about an announcement for this dark horse, or a surprise release is unclear. Either way though it seem that EA are incredibly motivated and focussed at the moment, let’s just wait and see whether the results are up to the ambition.

So what do you guys think it’s going to be? Surely not just Battlefield 3?