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‘Elden Ring’ player discovers tough boss Radahn has a major weakness

Starscourge Radahn is one of the most intimidating bosses in 'Elden Ring', though players have just discovered the one chink in his armor.

Starscourge Radahn | Elden Ring

Starscourge Radahn has been terrorizing players ever since Elden Ring launched in February. Though the game is full of intimidating bosses, he’s one of the toughest and has been thwomping poor Tarnished into the dirt like nails on a regular basis.

He wields two gigantic swords, fires magical arrows that one-shot underleveled players, summons magical projectiles, and zips around his boss arena on his tiny horse Leonard. Even with the assistance of multiple AI summons, he’s a menace, especially when midway through the fight he leaps into space and crashes down into the arena as a meteor.

But it’s that killer move that’s proven to be his undoing. A Japanese player noted that the fight takes place on the coast, that Radahn’s chunky armor isn’t great for swimming, and… Well, see for yourself:

Yup, Radahn will be busy enjoying a new life down where it’s wetter, under the sea. Legend felled.

Figuring out a way to get bosses to jump out the arena to their deaths has long been a strategy in Souls games and a couple of Elden Ring bosses and harder enemies can be dispatched in this way. Many cheese strategies involve positioning your character in just the right spot to send a leaping boss flying off a cliff to their death, which is a cheap but satisfying win.

Radahn topped our list of the best Souls bosses and seems set to go down in gaming history as a notoriously tough fight. However, a recent patch left him weakened (to the anger of players), though subsequent tweaks have restored him to his full fearsome status.

If you’re yet to take him down all we can say is good luck, though perhaps luring him into the briny deep will let some players grab his Great Rune and move on with the game.

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