‘Elden Ring’ players want dev to reverse the General Radahn nerf immediately

Starscourge Radahn | Elden Ring

While the gaming community continues to debate whether Elden Ring — or FromSoftware games, in general — should boast such high difficulty levels that seemingly make them impossible for many players to enjoy the experience, some diehard Souls veterans are crestfallen at the developer’s decision to nerf one of the game’s most difficult boss fights. One that involves a certain disowned general who comes back a freaking meteorite after you’ve ground away his health bar in the first phase of the battle.

Indeed, it appears that the Japanese game developer has nerfed Starscourge Radahn in the latest patch, reducing his hit and AOE (area of effect) damage, and making it much easier for players to rid the Lands Between of his presence. The players have now come together in the game’s official subreddit to ask FromSoftware to reverse the modifications and buff the boss fight again, in a viral post that has garnered more than 20k likes and 3.3k comments in less than a day.

Even director Hidetaka Miyazaki has reaffirmed that the Soulslike experience is essentially defined by its difficulty. Which makes us wonder why the game designers have gone back on that inherent value and nerfed Radahn. That’s probably what many Elden Ring players are thinking too, so hopefully, their pleas won’t fall on deaf ears.

Besides, beating Radahn wasn’t that difficult, to begin with, was it? You only have to do some fifty rounds first to memorize each of his unique and diverse attacks, die to the meteorite strike when you reach phase two, and learn what he’s capable of then. Pretty straightforward, right?