Elevator Action Deluxe Brings Revamped Verticality To PSN

This virtual generation has seen its fair share of revamped remakes of popular titles from the past. It’s been quite a successful venture for a lot of companies looking to bring back the addictive gameplay, creative aspects and retro feel of some of our most beloved titles from years gone by.

The next game to receive this treatment is Elevator Action Deluxe. A PSN remake of TAITO‘s classic door-based puzzle shooter, Elevator Action, it’s on its way down the proverbial pipeline. It’s entered the door marked August 30, readying itself for a digital release on that day for an affordable price of $9.99. At least, in North America. Everywhere else will be able to relive the door-filled past the following day.

Elevator Action Deluxe isn’t just a direct pixel for pixel remake. There will be some new additions to its classic formula, including new weapons, some occasional high-speed elevators and multiplayer.

Though it will be limited to only local, couch-based gameplay, the competitive modes should be quite fun. There will be deathmatches as well as a competitive mode that tasks players to race towards red doors that contain secret files. In a cool nod to the past, it’s been confirmed that those aforementioned secret files will be “TAITO old game pamphlets!”

Take a look at some screens below and make sure to get over your fear of elevators before the end of this month.