Embark On A Desperate Fight For Resources In Etherium


Tindalos Interactive has released three exclusive images today that give players a glimpse at what to expect in the upcoming futuristic real-time strategy game, Etherium.

Etherium will drop you into the role of one of three distinct factions that are locked in an ongoing struggle to control a precious resource, known as, you guessed it, etherium. Each side possesses its own unique characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, technologies and special skills.

Players can expect a diverse range of maps and game environments that have their own unique climatic events, such as sandstorms, volcanic eruptions and blizzards. These dynamic weather systems will directly impact the way you play the game. For instance, using a sandstorm to approach the enemy base will keep your units concealed, while crossing a freezing river will grant you access to powerful flanking maneuvers.

Etherium features a non-linear solo campaign for you to decide each of your conquests, as you develop your skills. Managing resources, expanding your colonies and extending control of the map will ensure that you have everything you need to annihilate your opponents. A tech tree will also allow you to develop your scientific research and unlock new units and upgrades as you develop into the ultimate etherium gathering colony

If that isn’t enough, players can test their developed skills as they compete against up to four players online.

Expect more information on Etherium to arrive during GDC later this month.