Enemy-Centric Trailer For Mike Bithell’s Volume Features Andy Serkis As The Big Bad


Thomas Was Alone developer Mike Bithell has revealed a new trailer for his upcoming stealth-based title Volume, which features Andy Serkis for the very first time as the villainous Guy Gisborne.

Described as the overarching antagonist — a malevolent CEO who just so happens to control England — the voice and motion capture specialist can be heard at the tail end of the video. As for the rest of the footage, Bithell places a big emphasis on the game’s main enemy types, namely the Pawn, the Turret, the Knight, the Rogue, the Hound and the Archer. If you haven’t already guessed, Volume is shaping up to be a modern retelling of the Robin Hood legend. In this instance, Rob Locksley is played by YouTuber Charlie McDonnell with the primary goal set as “Steal. Create. Be heard.”

Those of you who have experienced the creator’s maiden title, Thomas Was Alone, will also recognize the narrator at the beginning of the clip as Danny Wallace, who is onboard to play an AI known as Alan. From what we’ve seen so far, it looks to be that the developer’s sophomore effort swaps out the side-scrolling nature of its forebearer for a more stealth-based, Metal Gear Solid-inspired set-up.

Currently, Volume is still without a release date, though it is expected to make its bow across PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PC and Mac at some point in 2015. In the meantime, be sure to check out the enemy-centric trailer and let us know whether you’re excited for Bithell’s next title in the comments section below.

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