Epic Games’ Paragon Enters Open Beta August 16; New Hero Announced


Epic Games has confirmed on Sony’s PlayStation blog that their PlayStation 4 and PC MOBA Paragon will have its first open beta period on August 16. The studio’s creative director Steve Superville says that during that time, play will be completely free and all characters currently available to owners of the the Founder’s Pack – which offers early access – will be playable.

Starting Tuesday, August 16 we will be entering Free Open Beta. That means playing Paragon will be totally free, until then our Founder’s Packs and the Essentials Edition still give you an awesome deal on stuff in the game and Early Access. For all the people currently playing in Early Access, we’re working on a whole host of improvements in the coming weeks, and we will never reset your account progress. We can’t thank you enough for helping us get to this point.

But that’s not all. Epic has also given fans a sneak peek of the latest addition to Paragon’s roster. Khaimera is described as being “Paragon’s first duelist” and “a hero that excels at isolating targets.”

We’d like to introduce you to our latest Hero. We call this melee fighter… Khaimera. He’s Paragon’s first duelist, a Hero who excels at isolating targets, and also happens to wield dual axes. You’ll be able to play Khaimera as part of our update on Tuesday, June 21.

If you’re a huge MOBA fan and can’t wait until August for the open beta, you can sign up on Paragon‘s official website for a chance to be selected to play in the game’s next beta weekend by clicking here.