Epic Games Store just made a popular multiplayer survival game completely free


Over the years, the Epic Games Store has evolved from simply being the place to download boot Fortnite from, and now it boasts a massive library of hit games for users to check out and purchase or, better yet, take advantage of its selection of free titles.

Epic Games regularly offers users a selection of free games that will rotate out after a limited time. The latest selection may be some of the last for 2021; however, among them is an extremely popular multiplayer game that you’re going to want to add to your library.

From now until Dec. 9, Epic Games Store users can download Dead by Daylight completely free. Developed by Behaviour Interactive, Dead by Daylight is a four vs. one survival game that boasts a ton of unique characters along with horror icons from a ton of popular films.

The game first launched back in 2016 but has only grown more significant over the years and boasts a sizeable committed community playing the game today. With no monetary commitment required, there’s no reason not to add this game to your library while it’s available free courtesy of Epic Games Store.

Alongside Dead by Daylight, you can also get while True: Learn[] for free. It’s a puzzle simulation game that can teach you some handy skills regarding machine learning. So if you’re looking for something challenging that may also teach you a thing or two, then make sure to download True: Learn[] for free before Dec. 9.