Epic’s Star Wars Battlefront II Giveaway Caused EA’s Servers To Crash

Star Wars Battlefront II

As has often been the case with any multiplayer game given away for free via the Epic Games Store, an influx of new fans to the shores of Star Wars Battlefront II has proven to be both a blessing and a curse for EA. Shortly after the floodgates opened last week, players of the shooter set in a galaxy far, far away quickly reported experiencing numerous server connection issues. Over the weekend especially, the publisher confirmed that maximum capacity had been reached and that it was working hard to increase the level of accommodation possible at any given time.

Thankfully, response to the situation has been swift and services appear to have largely returned to normal since Saturday, the only major difference being an increased chance to encounter less-skilled players in lobbies for the foreseeable future.

A fresh infusion of new blood will have certainly gone some distance to revitalizing Battlefront II‘s online numbers, then, though without any official figures to speak of, it’s impossible to say just how large the surge has been. Likewise, it remains to be seen whether this good fortune will result in a permanent population increase or whether numbers will naturally fall as casual Star Wars fans move on. It’s worth noting that any freebie provided on the EGS remains yours to keep forever, so we wouldn’t at all be surprised if the promotion has long-lasting benefits.

And who knows, if the boost is as sizeable as we’re led to believe, it could be all the encouragement EA needs to reconsider ending post-launch support for the title. Wishful thinking, perhaps, but never say never.

Star Wars Battlefront II will remain free to download on EGS until January 21st.