Everyone’s Evil In The Sonic Generations Villains Trailer

Sonic Generations is my personal most anticipated game this year. We’ve seen shots of the levels, we’ve seen how SEGA has made different styles that fit each of the major three eras and now, with this new trailer, we can take a closer look at the bosses and rivals.

What does the trailer show us? Besides some pretty action-packed shots of Shadow, Silver, Dr. Eggman A.K.A. Dr. Robotnik, Perfect Chaos and Metal Sonic, we get a short glimpse on how some of these bosses will work.

It looks like Classic Sonic is fighting Metal Sonic, so it’s safe to bet that will be a race-style battle. Fighting Robotnik, Shadow and Silver appears to be Modern Sonic’s responsibility.

What the trailer also shows is an impressive bit of fan service SEGA has delivered. But I can’t quite tell who that is at the end of the trailer. Any ideas?

Sonic Generations releases for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and 3DS on November 1, 2011.

What say you, gamers? Glad to finally get some revenge on the mess that was Silver the Hedgehog?