Evil Dead II Cabin Faithfully Recreated Using Far Cry Map Editor


Aside from Ash’s chainsaw hand, the first thing that springs to mind whenever I think of the Evil Dead franchise is that of the remote cabin in the woods, which served as the setting for the original two films and the eventual remake. But of those three flicks, it could be argued that Evil Dead II resonated with fans most, for it firmly established the horror-comedy tone the series has become known for.

And while the Evil Dead brand has expanded out into the video game medium in the past, it stands to reason that the more diehard among you won’t pass up any chance to revisit the iconic location – especially in the form of an interactive experience. That said, you’re in luck because some magic making via the Far Cry Map Editor has made that possible. And, to be more specific, this is by way of Far Cry 4 on Playstation 4.

In this instance, we have Night Shift Gaming to thank, as they’ve not only recreated the cabin from the Sam Raimi-helmed classic itself, but the surrounding grounds as well. Really, if you’re brave enough to explore, then know that the fruit cellar, Linda’s grave, the wrecked bridge, and various other ghastly things are at your disposal. And should you require some visual evidence, we invite you to tour the environment by taking the time to watch the video embedded above.

Personally, I think this is worth checking out because I’ve made it known in the past that while I love horror movies, the gaming realm is my favorite option to explore the genre. In short, I’ve always enjoyed the immersive nature of series like Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Condemned, as I feel the experience simply can’t be replicated on film. Some of you out there may call me crazy, but there must be a few among you who’ll agree.

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